BYOC Sleeping Arrangements

Denver might be the last event to have its tickets released for the DreamHack USA events, but it has something very unique compared to its others. Denver will feature a cheaper alternative for lodging by offering a BYOC sleeping hall at the venue, and it’s only $65 for the entire event!

Now you can get that authentic DreamHack Winter/Summer experience by just bringing a blow up mattress or similar bedding and select a spot in our designated sleeping hall. This option is only available for our BYOC LAN Ticket holders. More information is coming soon.


Tickets go on sale in just 2 days, at 6PM EST 5th October. Limited early bird passes are available on a first come first serve basis so be sure to get yours and take part in DreamHack for its first time in Denver, so you will get a chance to purchase a founders ticket and to make your claim that you were one of the first to join us in Denver!

Full ticket information and pricing can be found on ticket information page. For the full DreamHack experience be sure to book your hotel through our official partners, which will be available when tickets go on sale, to receive the special event rate and stay close to other fans through the weekend!