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DreamHack Quake Qualifier Dates and Details

DreamHack Quake Qualifier Dates and Details

Quake is in the DNA of DreamHack, it exists both in its past and future. And as we head towards this fall, it’s time to get ready for the Quake Champions action to kick off in a huge way. In this case, that’s to the tune of $75,000 at DreamHack Denver and $350,000 awaiting you at DreamHack Winter. With the time ticking down to DreamHack Denver already, we’re ready now to get ready for our qualifiers. They start already on September 23rd so get ready to compete in our open qualifiers.

Each open qualifier will be double elimination, with a broadcast live from our studio in Stockholm, Sweden, bringing you the action from the final qualifying matches. Most play days will include action in two regions starting within hours of each other, with our studio bringing you the exciting conclusion to each back to back.

DreamHack Denver Quake Championship

Prize: $75,000
Dates: October 20-22


  • 16 players – 8 invites, 8 qualifiers (4 North America, 4 Europe)
  • Group stage into 8 man single elimination bracket
  • Invited players will be placed randomly into groups occupying the top two seeds in each group. Qualified players will be randomly seeded into the four groups.


  • 4 teams (2 North American qualifiers, 2 Europe qualifiers)
  • Double elimination bracket
  • Seeds will be determined on performance of individual qualifier. (ie. #1 NA vs #2 EU)

Qualifier Dates
Sep 23: Europe – Duel (top 4 qualify)Signup Form Start time: 1400 CEST
Sep 23: North America – Duel (top 4 qualify)Signup Form Start time: 12 EDT
Sep 24: Europe – Sacrifice (top 2 qualify)Signup Form Start time: 1400 CEST
Sep 24: North America – Sacrifice (top 2 qualify)Signup Form Start time: 12 EDT

Qualifiers to be double elimination brackets, with those qualifying each earning a $500 travel stipend per player.

Duel Invites

  • Rapha
  • DaHang
  • Raisy
  • Vo0
  • Toxjq
  • Av3k
  • Xron
  • Gellehsak

Invites based on Quake World Championships and availability.
The full DreamHack Denver Quake Championship qualifier and event ruleset can be found here.

Don’t forget about our Quake Invitational at DreamHack Winter! Find the details for our stop with $350,000 at stake here!

Stay Tuned for Updates

Can’t wait for more Quake Champions action at DreamHack? Follow @DreamHackQuake on twitter, or check out our Facebook pages for both DreamHack Denver and DreamHack Winter for more updates as we get closer to the events. Stop by, say hello, and enjoy some Quake Champions excitement!