DreamHack events give the community a chance to discuss the topics they care about. Learn something new by attending a panel where experts go into detail on topics like: gaming, esports, cosplay, tabletop, technology, industry, coding, and general geek culture! Most panels are interactive, allowing questions from the audience and time to talk with panelists at the conclusion of the panel.

If you don’t want to miss any of the panels, keep track of them at during the event!

10:00 – Cosplay Q&A

Panelists: Lynette Simon (“Rabbit” of Rabbit Tales), Vanessa De Galicia (Xxfruitcakexx), Rebecca Lovato (Devil’s Cosplay)
Spend an hour with a multi year cosplay veteran getting your questions answered about all things cosplay related. No subject is off limits!

11:00 – Players turned into human Joysticks. VR sickness solved

Panelists: Liang Douglas (Fantom Fathom)

12:00 – Hack Your Senses: Sensory Augmentation and Brain Plasticity

Panelists: Trevor Goodman (BDYHAX)
Everything you know about your environment mediated by your senses. Likely, you can see in a range of colors, hear a car horn honking, and feel the roughness of sandpaper, but light exists in bands too narrow or wide to be processed by your eyes, some sounds are too high or low to be recognized by your ears, and magnetic fields pulse around you all day. Most of us hardly notice. Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita’s research in the 60’s eventually lead to The BrainPort which lets a user see through an electrode grid on your tongue, but sensory augmentation has stayed mostly within the realm of the medical field until recently. Now there are magnets in fingertips all over the place, Neil Harbisson can hear in colors in a wider range than you can see and companies like NeoSensory and Cyborg Nest are building even more devices that let you sense more or differently. We’ll talk through the basics of how your senses work in conjunction with your brain, about many of the great projects that help have helped individuals augment their senses, and why a vibrating North-sensing device mounted to your chest is different than a compass.

13:00 – Breaking into the Games Industry – Insights from Industry Veterans

Panelists: Blaine Christine (BrightLocker)
Our panel will include multiple veterans from the games industry. All of them currently reside in Colorado and have worked in the industry for many years in various capacities, including executive management, production, engineering, and even starting their own studios.

14:00 – Battlesloths 2025: Indie Devs, Rapid Prototyping to Redefine Sloth Gaming

Panelists: Phillip Johnson, Randy Greenback (Invisible Collective)
Ever wonder how game ideas are formed and how prototyping works? Interested in the trials and tribulations of indie game development? Come hear how Invisible Collective came to create Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars and learn what it takes to execute on a crazy idea, catch the eye of a publisher, and launch a game. We’ll be ‘showing you what’s under the mossy sloth fur’ so to speak, to highlight the game as it existed at different phases of development. Attendees will get to see how it evolved into what it is today, and participate in Sloth on Sloth combat through each iteration. Fun fun FUN!

15:00 – Are you smarter then a game designer?

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Tournament)
Fun panel where you get to challenge the designer on gaming topics.

16:00 – Horror Stories as a convention guest

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Entertainment)
Ever wanted to know what life on the road was like as a guests and some of the thing we face and deal with. This is a no holds bar inside look to life as a con guest.

17:00 – Video Game Documentary Filmmaking – A Look Behind The Scenes

Panelists: Jeremy Snead (Mediajuice Studios)/
Go behind the scenes of video game documentary filmmaking with Writer/Director/Producer Jeremy Snead as he shows exclusive clips from his films ‘Video Games: The Movie’ and his all-new 8 part Documentary Series ‘ Unlocked: The World Of Games, Revealed’. From Sean Astin & Zach Braff to William Shatner, Michaerl Rooker and Alison Haislip, see how the star studded docs Jeremy and his team have produced come to life from concept to creation.

10:00 – The Future of MMO’s

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Entertainment)
MMO’s have come a long way since UO so where are they heading?

11:00 – Community Building in Collegiate Esports

Panelists: Adam Davis (Esports Association of CSU), Sarah Wagg (Tespa, Blizzard Collegiate Program), Johnny Ngo (Tespa), Monte Anderson (CU Esports), Eitan Dunn (Denver Esports Club)
The panel will Discuss the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community in a collegiate environment. The challenges and benefits of hosting community events. The speakers will discuss how they have built up their communities and what has and hasn’t worked for them. The panelists will also discuss the benefits of inter-collegiate collaboration.

12:00 – Better, Faster, Stronger – Philosophy of game difficulty

Panelists: Joseph Lieberman (Antlion Audio)
Have games gotten easier over the years? What makes a difficult game more fun? Where’d we go right and wrong over the last 30 years when it comes to difficulty and what have we learned along the way?

13:00 – Intro to game design 101 for Tabletop and Video Games

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Entertainment)
Introductory workshop on design which includes the fundamentals, tools, applications and much more.

14:00 – I Opened an Esports Bar in California, and I’m Crazy So I’m Doing It Again!

Panelists: Kevin Wick (Guildhouse and AFK Esports)
Come talk business, beer, esports, and the future of real-world gaming communities.

15:00 – The Curious Case of Collegiate Esports:

Panelists: Justin Patry (Colorado State University), Aj Dimick (University of Utah), Dr. Chris Haskell (Boise State University), Monte Anderson (University of Colorado), Julian Cantwell (University of Kansas), Victor Suski (American Video Game League), Neil Duffy (Collegiate Star League), Chris Lessard (Bolder Games)
Collegiate Esports Has a Culture Problem, and That’s a Good Thing.

16:00 – Building the Dream: How to Grow Your Own Collegiate Varsity Esports Initiative

Panelists: Justin Patry (Colorado State University), Aj Dimick (University of Utah), Dr. Chris Haskell (Boise State University), Monte Anderson (University of Colorado), Julian Cantwell (University of Kansas), Victor Suski (American Video Game League), Neil Duffy (Collegiate Star League), Chris Lessard (Bolder Games)
(There Are Levels To This, Y’know)

17:00 – War of Awards 2.1 (Vote on Games)

Panelists: Allen Thomas (NAVGTR Corp)
Join parties to defend your favorite Game of the Year candidates in each category, then face the masses and hope you have the numbers to survive in our third annual event. Small, weak groups must choose between defection and defeat.

10:00 – Next Level Personal Branding

Panelists: Jesse Ghiorzi (CHARGE)
A personal brand is so much more than a logo or a Twitter handle. In this workshop, you’ll learn the key elements every brand needs, how to create yours and and position it to differentiate yourself. We’ll also teach you to how a brand can help grow your fanbase and get the attention of big brands and influential people. The format starts with an introduction, then breaks into interactive activities that mix new school tools like Socrative with old school elements like small groups. Each attendee will leave with a digital version of the personal brand starter pack that helps you put what you learned into action immediately. Bring a phone, a pen and be ready to talk!

11:00 – Console/PC repair made simple

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Entertainment)
I will help you keep your consoles and PC running great with tricks and tips.

12:00 – From Players to Modders to Startup Studio: the Long War story

Panelists: Jesse Ghiorzi (CHARGE)
John Lumpkin, design lead for Colorado-based Pavonis Interactive, will describe how he and his team went from hobbyists modding XCOM to full-time developers creating an original game from scratch.

13:00 – KEYNOTE PANEL – Humor on the Edge

Panelists: Shen (Owl Turd), Kris Wilson (Cyanide & Happiness)
How do we tackle controversial topics with humor? SHOULD we tackle controversial topics with humor? Can anything be joked about, or are some things off limits? Come discuss it with the creators of Cyanide & Happiness and Owlturd Comix and form your own conclusions!

14:00 – Press Start to Continue Game

Panelists: Ben Wander (The Wandering Ben), Yaprak DeCarmine (Game Jolt), Zhenghua (Z) Yang (Serenity Forge), Gabbie Gibson (Riot Games), Chris GauthierDickey (Denver University), Brock Henderson (Numinous Games)
Games are an inspiring medium, teeming with creative solutions for new technological and artistic challenges. And they already generate multiple billions of dollars in the US alone. But what does that mean for the industry at large, and for the individuals making your games? Join our panel of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, discussing the current state of the gaming industry, where it’s growing, and how you can hop on the bandwagon.

15:00 – Creating your first Counter-Strike level

Panelists: Douglas Hoogland (TopHATTwaffle)
How to create a basic, and working Counter-Strike level. Could also include some QnA on what it is like to be a level designer in the CSGO community.

16:00 – Mental & Physical Health and Well-Being

Panelists: Dan Himmelstein (Premier eSports Academy)
Founder & Brain Coach at Premier eSports Academy

17:00 – How to land a job in the gaming industry

Panelists: Eric Wile (Former Sony Online Entertainment)
This panel is for those interested in a career in the gaming industry. This includes everything from resumes tips, cover letter ideas, portfolios, social media and more.