Main Stage

Stages aren’t just for esports! Just like Austin and Atlanta, we’re bringing music to DreamHack Denver to make it a true digital festival. Our musical guests have yet to be announced, but rest assured we will let you know as soon as we can! There will be plenty of lasers and lights on stage with fantastic artists throughout the weekend.

Live act: Vanic

When: 10:30 pm Saturday, October 21
Where: Main Stage


Vancouver-based producer Vanic (aka Jesse Hughes) first caught listener’s attention with a string of well-recieved remixes before releasing his own trap- and house-influenced tracks. In 2016, Vanic first original track “Samurai” was released and at the end of the year the collection “Good things” – a collection of his most popular remixes. Vanic has then continued to release original singles, such as “Too Soon” in January 2017 and then “Staring at the Sun” in June.



8:45 am – Good Morning DreamHack
10 am – Overwatch: DU vs UNC
12 pm – Overwatch: CU Springs vs School of Mines
2:15 pm – Overwatch: CSU vs Boise State
4:00 pm – Overwatch: Utah vs ASU
6:00 pm – Overwatch: University of Arizona vs CU Boulder
8:15 pm – Game Show
9:30 pm – Anime Marathon


8:45 am – Good Morning DreamHack
10 am – League of Legends: CU vs CSU
12:30 pm – League Finals: Columbia vs Houston
5:00 pm – Law Breakers Tournament Finals
7:45 pm – Cosplay Contest
9:00 pm – Club Cosplay DJs Final Boss & Azael
9:45 pm – DJ Stoic
10:30 pm – Vanic
12:15 am – Game Show
1:30 am – Anime Marathon


8:45 am – Good Morning DreamHack
10 am – Counter Strike: Global Offensive
12:30 pm – Overwatch
2:30 pm – Rocket League