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FGC & Console tournaments at DreamHack Denver

FGC & Console tournaments
at DreamHack Denver

DreamHack Denver is full of esports action in general, but FGC & console competitions in particular! With over 15 different titles and $50,000 USD up for grabs, DreamHack Denver offers something for everyone to compete in. Here’s a list of all the tournaments you can partake in for both DreamHack’s fighting game community and console play.

To sign up to any of the tournaments FGC tournaments below, check out the official DreamHack Smash.gg page and join the action today!

FGC Main Esports Tournaments

* Select Main Event Prize Pools increase with attendance
We will offer a $1,000 starting prize pool. For every 50 players that enter starting at 10+0 DreaMHack will add another $500 to the prize pool. So if there are between 101 to 150 players, the total prize pool will be $1,500, 151-200 + $2,000 and so forth.

Console Side Tournaments
Friday Oct 20th

12 pm: Madden 18 (PS4) **
4 pm: Smash 64 (Nintendo 64) **

Saturday Oct 21st

12 pm: Pokkén Tournament DX (Switch)
2 pm: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) **
4 pm: Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS4) **

Sunday Oct 22nd

12 pm: Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4) **
2 pm: Divekick (PS4) **

** Side tournament Prize Pools increase with attendance
Any game game with 25 or less people will have a $250 pot with a split of:
1st: $150
2nd: $75
3rd: $25

If 26 or more players enter the pot will rise to $500 total with a split of:
1st: $300
2nd: $150
3rd: $50

Watch it live

DreamHack Denver will take place October 20-22nd there is no better way to festival than to participate in one of our many tournaments! To experience it first hand you need a valid entrance ticket, which can be found here.

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