DreamHack USA BYOC LAN Security Update

DreamHack USA BYOC LAN Security Update

We have heard the feedback of all of our LAN attendees from DreamHack Austin 2016 and LAN partiers looking to attend DreamHack Austin 2017. In addition to our security staff and controlled entrances and exits we have plans to increase security at the LAN. We did not have any issues with theft at Austin 2016, and hope to continue that clean record. Below are the details of our enhanced security plan, which includes barcode tagging of equipment.

Just like last year we will have controlled entrances and exits for the LAN areas. We will have increased staff at these areas and patrolling throughout the LAN. We have also updated the layouts to be easier for us to monitor the flow of people and any equipment passing through checkpoints.

BYOC Badges will be sent out prior to the event. This is new from 2016 to 2017 and with your badge you will also receive your gear tags. Do not lose your gear tags and remember, before showing up for the LAN you will need to apply your tags to your gear. These tags will have a barcode that is linked to your information within our seat booking system prior to the event. With the barcodes being linked ahead of time to your information there will actually be no need to check anyone in. You will simply show up with your pre-tagged gear and set up in your selected seat. That’s right! No more hours long check in lines at a large LAN. The tags will be scanned and matched up to user information when you want to leave with your gear. If someone is attempting to leave with gear that is tagged with a barcode that does not match up to their proof of identification they will not be allowed to leave, and our security personnel will handle the situation.

Of course we always recommend that you invest in a computer cable lock to protect your gear even further. There are solutions for $20 that can easily protect thousands of dollars worth of your hard earned computer gear. We will also be providing locking solutions for purchase from the DreamHack Merch store.

This new system takes the advantage and peace of mind that comes with tagging your gear, and eliminates the long check in lines that are seen at large LANs in the US. Combined with increased patrols and security crew we believe we will continue to have a computer-theft free LAN experience for all of our attendees. We hope this helps make the LAN more secure but any technology or procedure is only part of the solution. We also ask everyone to look out for each other, in the LAN community culture and expectations are a large part of making the LAN fun and safe for everyone.

Above all else remember to have fun and make new friends over the weekend. The BYOC area in 2016 was great, and we are looking forward to the 2017 BYOC areas at all of our US events being even better.

Have feedback on any of this? Send an email to austin[at]